nail art make you love

My close buddy Claire from my birthday team had written this charming article about how we as females never go easy on others, ourselves and also our nail art. She recommended some sort of task where we each do whatever love to our nails, whether it takes the whole day to get it done or some plain manicure, just do whatever brings a smile to your face that day. 🙂

nail polish

Here is what got me in a smiling mood today by sns nails dipping powder

I wasn’t able to sleep properly last night and I have been feverish and having illness symptoms for a few days. I’ve been distracted all day at school and couldn’t wait to get home and work on lds nail. My boyfriend wasn’t helpful when he took off my pink polka dot mani that was pretty awesome and I’ve had it on for just one day haha. I concluded I really loved the white nails so I was going to use them as an inspiration to do more nail art.

This time, I just stayed with the group doticure and restricted my shades to 4 of each colour. I was able to use multiple scaled covering tools, and in the end, you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. I still loved it that way though. 🙂 They were fun, bright and had me satisfied.

Rainbow doticure is something I have done before, and I don’t bother cleaning up till the past few weeks. I also did not realize that you don’t HAVE to colour all the way to the follicle and each side to ensure it looks excellent. LOL :). No wonder I had my nails looking like a child had it done for me. Nonetheless, I believe a kid would have done better. It is wonderful I am getting better with this.

Most people wouldn’t have gone with my choice of black/gray nail I used to dim the brights, but I was loving it. What I required was an accent to break the colours up a little. What I did was using black to dot the rainbow nails and ground the colours. The black was able to give the nail art the dimensions it needed.

Have you attempted a doticure before? I think this style really reveals how wonderful an effective a dotting tool can be. If and when you decide to give this art a shop, please do not forget to send me the pictures so I can drool over them. 😀