Keeping your nails chic is no easy task. Applying it is difficult but removing it is also a challenge in itself. No matter how careful you are, something always feels missing. It already takes more time than it should. We at least deserve to get perfect nails after so much effort.

5 Tricks to Make Most of the LDS Dipping Powder Nail

Even professionals are unable to set the perfect LDS Nails. It might be difficult but it’s not impossible and experience teaches a great deal. Here are some experience-based tricks that will ensure you get nothing less than the perfect look with LDS dipping powder nails.

5 Tricks to Get the Perfect Look with LDS Dip Powder Nails

Keep a Warm Temperature

When you are applying nail polish or powder, you should monitor the temperature around you. If it’s warm or a little hot, it would be much easier to set the perfect LDS nails. You should consider the room temperature as well as the temperature of the body.

Some people usually have a higher body temperature. If you are running a parlor, it is not suggested that you keep changing the temperature in the room as it wouldn’t leave a very good impression on your clients. Set one number that is not too hot nor too low.

It would be a lot easier if you are at home doing your own nails. If you are warm, the LDS dipping powder nails will dry a lot faster without changing their shape. It would also be a lot easier to apply as you would feel that it’s a little thinner when the climate is warm.

Apply Thin Layer of Base Coat

Many people think that a thick layer would make it easy to apply polish or powder. The fact is the exact opposite. You should actually try to apply as thin a layer as possible. If you feel like it was not enough, you can apply another layer on top.

When you apply a thick layer of base coat, the LDS dipping powder nails don’t stick evenly. You will feel that it’s more than needed in some places. It won’t look very even. This sabotages the entire look and you also end up wasting a lot of product. A thin layer only picks the right amount that is necessary. Your nails would look more even.

Thick nails also don’t look very good. Your goal should be to cover every corner without having to apply thick layers. Another benefit of applying a thin layer of base coat is the ease of removing it. The thicker the layer, the more difficult it will be when you are taking it off. You can make this process a lot easier by thinking smart when applying the layer.

Cover Cuticles in Final Coat

You don’t necessarily have to cover every piece of the nail with your first coat. No one wants the LDS dipping powder nails on their cuticles and skin, but they also don’t want to leave any empty spaces. If you get the product on your skin in the first coat, it will be difficult to clean in the end. When you try to take the powder off your cuticles later, it also affects the nails.

Leave the space near the cuticles in your first coat. Leave the space as it is and just make sure that it doesn’t get on your skin. You should cover those empty spots in the final coat. The final coat is easier to clean because the coat and the powder are relatively fresh. You can then use a thin pen-like brush to clean the cuticles and it won’t affect the nails.

Mix the Dip Powder with Stick

Most women apply the LDS dipping powder color as it is packed. While there isn’t particularly anything wrong with that, it’s the little thing that keeps you from getting the perfect nails style. If you want the LDS nails to look perfect, do this one thing before you get started. Take a small stick and mix the powder with it. It will mix all colors inside it, so you get them evenly distributed.

Don’t Use Too Much Brush

We have to use the brush to clean away any unnecessary powder and dust. You can apply the brush in the beginning without any hesitation, however, you should be very careful when using it after the final coat. It does clean away the extra stuff, but overdoing it also cleans powder from important places.


There is no shortcut to applying LDS dipping powder nails. You have to take time with it without any haste. It’s unlikely that you will get the perfect nails in the beginning but it will improve with time. These five simple tips are based on the experience of other professionals to help you accelerate your own learning process. Make sure you apply thin coats, leave something for the final coat, mix the powder before applying it, and don’t use too much brush.