Having a nail manicure is a beautiful feeling. Your nails appear gorgeous with an exciting range of SNS dip powder colors on them. The benefit of dip powder manicures is that they last comfortably for three to four weeks. However, the natural nail keeps growing to push the manicure towards the edges. It is also not easy to have touch-up jobs on a dip manicure. So, removing the existing manicure becomes critical, or it might snap off because of its weight and thus, injure your nails.

Remove Nail Dip Colors

While everyone knows about having a dip nail manicure, very few people learn how to remove the manicure. They tend to take it casually. It is not advisable because it can cause painful nail problems that can take time to heal. This article teaches you how to remove dip powder manicures in the most straightforward manner.

The Dip Nails Removal Procedure

Your dip nail layers do not fall off on their own because they are sturdy and last long. Hence, removing them after three to four weeks is essential. Let us learn how to do so.

Keep your nails kit ready

You will need the SNS nails kit again for removing your dip nails. Your nail kit contains nail files, nail cutters, nail buffs, acetone-based nail polish layer removers, cuticle oil, aluminum wraps, alcohol wipes, etc. You will need all these ingredients when removing your dip nail manicures. So, it is better to assemble your kit and keep it handy.

File the top layer of your dip manicure

The dip powder layers can be thick, thus taking time to dissolve in acetone. So, the correct option is to file off as much dip powder as possible from your nails. Your nail file comes in handy under such circumstances. Use it to file away the dip powder layers slowly. If you use the nail file harshly, you can injure the nail surface, and it could take time to heal.

The trick is to file layer-by-layer slowly and make it as thin as possible. Then, you can use your alcohol wipes to remove the debris from the nail surface. Repeat this procedure on all your ten fingers.

The acetone soak

Using your nail files, it is impossible to remove the entire dip powder layers. Instead, you can try to rub the residual dip powder layer using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish removing solution. However, the best procedure is to soak your nails in acetone. One way is dipping all the fingers in the acetone-based nail polish remover. A better option is to place cotton swabs dipped in acetone on your nails to allow the dip powder to dissolve in them.

Your SNS nail kit contains aluminum wraps or rubber tube-like contraptions that help hold the cotton pads in place. If you use aluminum wraps, you can tie them using a rubber band. Soak your nails for at least 30 to 35 minutes to ensure complete removal of dip powder from them.

After the soaking procedure, you can remove the wraps to check if the dip powder has dissolved completely. Generally, the dip powder layers slide off the nails automatically. However, if they do not do so, you can repeat the soaking procedure for some more time. The idea is to remove all traces of SNS dip powder colors from the nails before you settle down for a new manicure.

Wash your nails with soap and water

Once the dip powder layers slide off the nails, you can wash them using a medicated soap. It allows the complete removal of acetone traces from your fingers and nails. Acetone can dehydrate your skin and is hence harmful. Your fingers and nails could look pale after the acetone soak. Therefore, they are not ready for the next manicure immediately.

One way of nursing your fingers back to their natural health is to rehydrate them. For example, you can massage your nails and fingertips with cuticle oil to help moisturize them. Besides, you can include fluids in your diet and help in the rehydration process.

The best option is to have at least one week gap between two successive manicures. It allows the nails to come back to their natural health. Subsequently, you can proceed with your fresh manicure.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed a critical aspect of your nail manicure. Removing your nail manicure can consume time, but it is essential before you go for a new manicure. The dip powder manicure takes the most time because of the thickness among all the manicures. In addition, filing the nails takes up the maximum time, whereas the acetone soak can take more than half an hour. Your SNS nail kit plays a critical role in the removal process. Once you are done with it, you can go for another dip manicure using your favorite dip nail colors.