If you have recently started your nail salon and do not know the items you should handily have, you have come to the right place. This article explains the importance of the fundamental ingredients your nail starter kit should contain. Having these items handy can help you run your nail salon comfortably and satisfy your customers. After all, you need them to revisit your salon and recommend their friends and loved ones. So let us start with discussing the primary ingredients your nail salon should come equipped with.

Nine Items Your Nail Starter Kit Should Essentially Contain

Best Items for Your Nail Salon

A high-quality nail file kit is your prime ingredient

Prepping your client’s nails is the first thing to do in any manicure. Your prepping starts from cutting and filing the nails into the desired shapes. You will need a high-quality nail file kit featuring nail cutters, files, tweezers, buffs, and many more. The OPI gel nail starter kit should give you an idea of the items your nail file kit should have.

However, it is essential to sterilize the nail kit before using it on your clients. It is a hygienic practice anyway, more so when you have the threat of the pandemic looming over everybody.

A diamond nail file should be ideal

In addition to the nail file kit, it is better to have a diamond nail file to give you the best results. It can be expensive, but the diamond nail file lasts comfortably long to recover the costs over time. In addition, diamond has a reputation for being the strongest of all compounds in the world. Therefore, your nail salon can undoubtedly do with a couple of diamond nail files to provide the highest levels of satisfaction to your clients.

Cuticle exfoliator helps get rid of dead skin

Your nails and the skin surrounding them can have a lot of dead skin residue invisible to your eyes. As a result, they interfere with your nail manicure if you do not get rid of them on time. A cuticle exfoliator can prove helpful to eliminate dead skin and problems associated with your cuticles in the future.

Reusable nail forms are necessary items in a starter kit

When you use gel paints, acrylics, or French manicures, you will need the reusable nail forms to prevent the polish from dripping over the nail edge on your table. It also allows you to use your nail brush freely over the edges and give a perfect nail manicure.

Good quality nail polish is crucial

You need not stock your nail salon with excessive nail polish products in the early stages. However, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of products you use is excellent. The OPI nail polish price could seem a bit high than the cheap and inexpensive products available all over the internet. But quality-wise, OPI is miles ahead.

A sable brush is a better investment

Using quality nail polish brushes is essential as they can otherwise mess up your manicure. A sable brush is ideal and any day better than the cheap quality brushes available online.

Cuticle oil is essential for massaging your nails and cuticles

Upon removing the nail polish from your nails, they can become dehydrated because of continuous exposure to acetone. Hence, they require nourishment. Cuticle oil can act as the perfect moisturizer and help soften the nails and the cuticles. They are essential aspects of your OPI gel nail starter kit.

Quality towels can make a good impression

Towels are daily-use items that get soiled quickly. It is essential to use quality towels as the cheap ones can leave fibers all over your newly polished manicures.

Nail cleansers are a must

Cleaning your nails before and after a nail manicure is necessary to ensure a perfect nail job. It requires cleansing the nails with alcohol-based solutions to remove traces of oil and dirt. It also helps stop bacterial infections and fungus growth. Therefore, it is essential every time you have a manicure.

Besides the ingredients listed above, your nail salon will require toe separators, pedicure foot files, and others to ensure a quality nail manicure. A nail salon should have all these items ready to provide the customers with the best services. If you are browsing for a convenient place to buy the OPI gel polish starter kit, you can visit our website and order it. We assure you of reasonable OPI nail polish prices. Besides, our products are clinically proven to be hygienic and safe.


While nail polish, basecoats, and topcoat applications are essential for a nail manicure, you will need the start kit ingredients to prepare your nails for a long-lasting manicure. Therefore, it is always best to invest in quality products as they provide you with the best results and ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction.