Gel nails are beautiful. But, if you have glitter on your gel nails, it becomes more attractive. Unfortunately, few people know how to apply glitter to their gel nails. So, first, let us discuss the procedure to get glitter gel nails at home. Then, we shall discuss applying loose glitter to gel nails.

How to Apply Nail Gel Glitter to Gel Nails

Do you know you can apply loose nail gel glitter to your nails in four ways? We shall see all four methods, leaving you to decide which is best for you.

Four Ways to Apply Loose Glitter

Here are four simple methods to apply glitter to your gel nails.

Loose glitter not mixed with any other product

Applying loose glitter to your nails is the easiest. You can mix some glitter and basecoat in a palette. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly until there are no clumps in the mixture. Having the desired consistency is advisable because it enables smooth and easy application. Clumpy glitter is challenging to spread on the nails.

Cure the nails and then apply the regular gel polish. Please note that you have to cure the nails at every instance. Finally, finish the topcoat layer and cure the nails to get glittering gel nails.

Pre-mixed glitter, including glitter gel polish

Start by prepping your nails for the manicure. First, apply the base coat as usual and cure the nails for 60 seconds under a UV lamp. Next, have the gel polish coat on your nails and push them under the UV lamp for curing.

Apply another base coat layer to your nails. However, you can skip this particular step if your nails are already tacky. Instead, cure the base coat layer under the UV lamp for 60 seconds.

Take a fluffy nail brush and dab it into the pre-mixed glitter bottle and pat them over your nails. Ensure that you fully cover your nails with a tacky layer of gel polish and glitter.

Use another brush to remove any excess slitter from your nails.

Get the topcoat layer and cure it for 60 seconds. If your nails have any bumps of glitter, you can use a plastic nail buff and remove the lumps. Under such circumstances, have another topcoat layer. Once you have any polish layer on your nails, it requires curing under the UV lamp.

Wait for half a minute and apply cuticle oil to your nails. Your glitter enhances their shine to look more attractive.

Individual pieces to create a design

Applying individual glitter pieces to create a design has become a trend today. So, choose the glitter pieces you want on your nails.

Prep the nails and complete the basecoat application. You can sprinkle a few glitters and mix them with your gel polish. Keep the glitter you like to have on your nails in a palette. Use a dotting tool to pick the glitter and place them individually on your nails. You can let your imagination run wild and have whichever design you prefer.

You can go for the mosaic-style nails and look beautiful. We advise going for a double topcoat to enhance the glossy feel on your nails. Ensure there are no bumps due to sticking the individual glitter pieces.

Sugared top for creating a texture

Apply the gel nail polish the traditional way by prepping your nails, applying the basecoat, and then the gel polish layer. Please do not forget to cure the nail polish layer after each application.

Sprinkle the glitter on top of the nails like you sprinkle sugar toppings on your dessert. Apply the topcoat as usual and cure it for 60 seconds under the UV lamp. Next, take a clean brush and dust the nails off. Any unstuck glitter will come off, leaving behind a beautiful set of glitter gel nails with a sugared topping of glitter.

What Glitter Should You Choose?

We always advise choosing glitter in contrasting color shades to enhance your nail’s attractive look. Unfortunately, having the same color as the gel polish will hide the glitter; thus, you will not get the right effect.

For example, we suggest going for the gold glitter polish if you have black gel. The gold color is a better contrasting hue than the white because gold gives your nails a sophisticated look.

Removing Glitter from Gel Nails

The glitter gel nail removal procedure is similar to the traditional gel nail removal. Use a nail file to remove the glitter gently. We advise filing all the glitter from the nails before subjecting your nails to the acetone procedure. It becomes to remove the gel polish in this way.

Final Thoughts

Glitter nails are always attractive. But, much depends on how you get the manicure and apply the glitter. We have discussed four ways to get the best glitter in town. Use them and decide which one suits you the best.