Who are you? What is your occupation? Then you all need to look as neat as possible. You can become a young, dynamic girl or a classy lady, depending on the trends and styles you want to aim for, especially, there are many nail designs that are currently making the rounds on the internet. The market is chosen by many girls to express their style and complete their look. So, to get such nails you need to have the best gel nail polish colors – beautiful and safe gel nail polishes! Today’s best gel nail polish colors are equipped with an “easy to soak off” feature for easy creativity.

To always be the center of attention with the most radiant and beautiful look, women always have to carry dozens of things in their bags such as lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc. In which, we do not forget the accessory that makes your hands stand out and more attractive, which is nail polish. Gel nail polish has many different types and prices in the market. Although nail gel polish is widely used, there are certainly still a lot of things that you don’t know about it. So! Let’s follow the following article to have specific understanding of what the best gel nail polish colors are and what gel soak off polish is!

The Concept of the Best Nail Polish

Soak – off Gel Polish

The best gel nail polish is not necessarily the most expensive or famous kinds of nail polish color, but it is the product line that is most suitable for us. The concept of the best gel nail polish colors is relatively different depending on the intended use of each person, gel nail polish with natural and organic ingredients that is safe for health and easy to clean is already too good for people because not everyone has the money to buy overpriced gel nail polishes on a regular basis.

The current gel polishes allow for a very high color finish of your nails, Gel nails are extremely long-lasting, durable and glossy – reputable nail polish brands offer you many choices with many colors. sharp. Nail gel colors brighten your nails, make your hands feel thinner and packed with essential vitamins, these days good gel polishes called soak off gel polishs are very popular as they are not annoying or time consuming. time when the customer wants to change the color or design for a new set of nails. It is best to choose gel nail polishes with moderate prices and outstanding quality from the most reputable nail polish brands in the US to ensure your nails are protected and beautified more effectively.

The Composition of Gel Nail Polish

Nail polish often has a variety of ingredients, but there are essential ingredients that are indispensable such as:

Film forming agent

As one of the main ingredients, it plays an extremely important role in nail polish. It helps to create a thin and hard film after the nail polish dries and creates a nice durability for the nails. However, this ingredient is no longer present in nail polish products of some famous brands because it has the ability to yellow real nails if used regularly.

Polymer glue

The most commonly used polymeric glue is the specialized formaldehyde resin in nail gel polish. Especially through researches and tests and surveys, it has been proved that this substance is completely harmless and does not damage nails because the basic properties of formaldehyde have been lost during the plasticizing reaction is taking place.


Acetic, fatty acids, Castor oil, dibutyl phthalate, ect are groups of substances and solutions that are studied and moderately added to the composition of nail polishes to create plasticity and adhesion for nail polish.


To make a perfect and good nail- gel polish, the researchers need to combine a variety of substances in a way that minimizes the risk and damage that affects the nails. In order for these substances to be able, mix and match with each other as well as work properly, it is indispensable for the catalysis of solvents. Common solvents include butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, isopropyl… They will help you shorten the drying time and will slowly evaporate, disappearing as the gel dries.

Final thought

A beautiful nail set will show your personality and speak to your mood and fashion style that you want to try. Therefore, it is extremely useful to buy yourself a good gel nails polish and a nail kit at home.