Best Brand of Tattoo Ink

Tattoos are loved and fantasized by almost everyone these days and unique tattoo designs are trending among the majority of the young individuals. Everyone wants their bodies to be inked according to their taste and choice. Some aim for full body prints while others stay on small designs. But tattoo ink is the most important thing to consider. A good quality tattoo ink will not only last long but is also skin friendly. On the other hand, an average quality ink may cause infection. So here is a list of brands that you can trust while buying tattoo ink for making your own tattoos.

Brand: Viking-Ink B&W


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Black ink is used the most in tattoo inking procedures. This Black Dynamite Ink is rich and deep black color which looks attractive and catches the eye of the viewer. It stays bright for a longer time and does not become dull or greyish. The product is formulated keeping in mind the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


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VIKING INK is a well known brand of tattoo ink. This White Ultra tattoo ink is extremely bright and vibrant. It does not fade over time and stays clean and white. This white tattoo ink is ideal for attractive and miticulate detailing of the tattoo. Overtime, it does not turn dark which is very common with white inks. This makes it superior on white inks of other brands.

Brand: Hawink

HAWINK Tattoo Ink Set

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A good tattoo ink set comes in handy when you are habitual of adding new designs on your body every other day. This tattoo ink set by HAWINK contains bright and attractive colors which add life to your tattoo. The colors are chosen carefully so you can mix and match them, creating beautiful shades.

HAWINK Tattoo Ink

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This HAWINK Tattoo ink is known for its high penetrating and absorption ability. It quickly becomes part of your skin and gives a dark and strong tint. The ink consists of an attractive and beautiful color scheme which is ideal for any inking procedure. After the tattoo is repaired, color appears exactly the same as it was when the procedure was done.

Brand: Solong Tattoo Store

Solong Tattoo Ink Set

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Solong Tattoo Store produces premium quality inks which are amazingly safe for your skin. These inks are sterilized by gamma rays so there is nothing to worry about their safety and efficacy. The colors are highly pigmented and give you the best results. These tattoo ink sets are a must for beginners as well as expert tattoo artists. You must give this ink set a try.

Solong Tattoo Ink True Black

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The True Black Tattoo ink by Solong is particularly popular among tattoo experts because of its long life. The ink stays fresh and bright even after months of initial inking. Fading of the color is rarely seen with this ink. The product does not cause any infection and is made to be compatible with all skin types.


Tattoo ink is a factor that must not be compromised in any case. The tattoo ink remains deep in the cells of skin so it is important that you buy the best quality tattoo products. Whether you want your whole body to be inked or it is just a simple design of a few inches, buy the ink from the best brands as mentioned above. These are the brands that offer skin friendly and long lasting tattoo inks so that you can use them easily to make your own tattoos.