Who Knew These Are The New Trend In Nail Art?

Even when individuals have reached their saturation point with fingernail art and have talked out their courageous forecasts that fingernail art will soon be extinct, fingernail art does not seem to be disappearing. Rather, it keeps popping back again and always overflowing with more vibe and with motivation much bigger than the vibes.

This new pattern known as marble or stone nails in fingernail has taken our most liked gemstones personalized semi-permanently on our nails. That’s not all! When mixed with rhinestones, crystals and glitters, this latest style pattern is on its way to becoming the most popular used in the seasons. People will copy you but will be left with the lasting impression that they saw it on you first. Read on to find out how.

The basics of getting into the trend:

There are a lot of guidelines and techniques as to how you can spice up your nails with this coolest art this year. Below are a few ways by which you can get your nails the marble look, all expertly looking, no sweating and no losing valuable dollars in the process.

1. The Plastic Dab Method:

You’ll need
• A thin nail art brush. You could use an old make up brush that is cleaned up.
• A plastic wrap.
• A colourless liquid for top coat.
• The nail colour of your choice, inspired from a natural look you have pictured in your mind.
• Black lacquer to draw the veins with
• Base coat, with plain white being the safest.

How to get it done:

• Set aside a wrinkled plastic bag.
• Use the base coat bio seaweed gel in 2 layers on your nails.
• Apply 2 or 1 drops of the nail lacquer on a different plastic bag.
• With the plastic bag, squeeze a portion between your fingers.
• Dab the wrinkled plastic and then, dab little portions between your fingers and start picking up the colours and dropping them on your nails.
• Put in your slim brush into the black lacquer.

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Would your nail art make you love yourself any less?

My close buddy Claire from my birthday team had written this charming article about how we as females never go easy on others, ourselves and also our nail art. She recommended some sort of task where we each do whatever love to our nails, whether it takes the whole day to get it done or some plain manicure, just do whatever brings a smile to your face that day. 🙂

nail polish

Here is what got me in a smiling mood today by sns nails dipping powder

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