Stone Marble nail design not only makes a good kitchen countertop theme but it also looks lovely on nails. For this same reason, there is no wonder why this nail art design has taken the social media platform by storm. The good news is, you don’t need to spend hours in the salon and pay tons of cash to achieve this look because you can do it on your own in few easy steps. Get your nail kit ready because you will be amazed how many DIY stone marble designs you can do with few products.

Stone Marble Nails

What you’ll need:

LDS Clear Powder
LDS Base Powder
LDS D81 Hot Chocolate
LDS D54 Limited Edition
LDS Liquid Gel Base
LDS Liquid Sealer Dry
A Black and White Nail Polish of your choice


1. Apply the base coat using LDS Liquid Gel Base and dip it in LDS Clear Powder then create a brown background by combining the LDS Liquid Gel Base and LDS D81 Hot Chocolate. Create a crack effect rather than a plain brown background for an earthier look.

2. Apply another coat of LDS Liquid Gel Base and cover the nail tip with LDS D54 Limited Edition using a fan brush. Then apply another coat of LDS Liquid Gel Base then dip it in the LDS Clear Powder. After that, coat the nail tip with LDS Liquid Sealer Dry.

3. With a thin nail brush, draw marble veins using a black DND DC gel. Do the same using a white nail polish and let dry.

4. Cure the decorated nail tip under the UV/LED Light for 30 seconds and coat it with your choice of gel top and place it under the UV/LED Light for another 30 seconds.

Yes! That’s it. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps and you can now have a million-dollar stone marble nail design that will surely create envy to your family and friends. If you are willing, you can also earn extra income with this. You can do your family and friend’s nails and earn a few bucks from them while honing your craft.

There is no need to spend a lot of time and money in the salon. All you have to do is buy few products and you can achieve a stone marble look on your own. Consider buying good nail products as investment because you can definitely use it for a long time and LDS Nail Dipping Powder will not let you down because it will eliminate the need to retouch your nails every week because it has minimal to zero chance of chipping and peeling off unlike the traditional acrylic and gel polish. The use of nail dipping powder in your DIY Stone marble nail art will let you enjoy your nails for 5 weeks or more. Follow these simple tutorials and thank us later for the time and money you have saved (not to mention the money that you can earn).