Oh boy, where do I start??  I cannot say enough good things about this sweet couple and those that surrounded them on their wedding day.  Not only did they pick one of the most beautiful backdrops EVER to say I Do, but they were gracious and inclusive with everyone they came into contact with.  Nicole and Nolan both floated through the day with a peacefulness that made everything feel oh, so right.  Every detail had so much love put into it; their hand-written vows, the way Nicole sang to Nolan as she walked down the aisle and the prayers all around them – it was nothing less than perfect.

Nicole and Nolan, it is absolutely undeniable that you two are meant for each other and I hope these photos will make you feel like you’re right back in Jamaica, reliving that amazing day.

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Nicole sang the rest of her entrance song as she came closer to Nolan… how sweet is that!?wedding photos-3801wedding photos-3803Moore_0123wedding photos-3834wedding photos-3837wedding photos-3867wedding photos-3881wedding photos-3887wedding photos-3890wedding photos-3891wedding photos-3892wedding photos-3895wedding photos-3916Moore_0124wedding photos-3931wedding photos-3942wedding photos-3957wedding photos-3962wedding photos-3969wedding photos-3976wedding photos-3981wedding photos-3987wedding photos-3989wedding photos-3998Moore_0154wedding photos-4009wedding photos-4033wedding photos-4036wedding photos-4067wedding photos-4070wedding photos-4072wedding photos-4076wedding photos-4078wedding photos-4084wedding photos-4087wedding photos-4206wedding photos-4214wedding photos-4221wedding photos-4224wedding photos-4230wedding photos-4237wedding photos-4245

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  • Alice Coldmon Christian - Nicole, it was a beautiful wedding. While viewing the pictures I just smiled the whole entire time. I wish I could have heard you sing. You was a beautiful bride.ReplyCancel

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