Safe Time Outdoors with Your Baby

Now that the weather is warming up, you’d like to take your baby outdoors.

Even if he’s a newborn, you don’t need to wait (unless your doctor says otherwise).

Fresh air and sunshine are good for everyone.

Let’s talk about how to enjoy some safe time outside with your baby.

Safe Time Outdoors with Your Baby

I’ll divide up this post into problematic topics.


Your little one has delicate skin.

It’s best to enjoy the good weather before 10 AM and after 4 PM.

Then, if you’re in the sun, don’t let your baby have direct exposure for more than fifteen minutes.

That way, you’ll avoid the strongest UV radiation and minimize the chance that he’ll get sunburned.


Since she can’t tell you if she’s too hot or too cold, you’ll have to guess.

Dress her as you would yourself for that kind of weather.

You don’t need to bundle up a baby to take her outdoors (1).

On the other hand, layers are helpful. Then you can remove the clothing she doesn’t need to keep her comfortable.


No one likes getting bitten by bugs.

Did you know that you can put bug spray on your baby?

Once your child is at least two months old, you can protect her with insect repellent.

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Wow the Crowd with Your Stone Marble Nails with These Easy Steps

Stone Marble nail design not only makes a good kitchen countertop theme but it also looks lovely on nails. For this same reason, there is no wonder why this nail art design has taken the social media platform by storm. The good news is, you don’t need to spend hours in the salon and pay tons of cash to achieve this look because you can do it on your own in few easy steps. Get your nail kit ready because you will be amazed how many DIY stone marble designs you can do with few products.

Stone Marble Nails

What you’ll need:

LDS Clear Powder
LDS Base Powder
LDS D81 Hot Chocolate
LDS D54 Limited Edition
LDS Liquid Gel Base
LDS Liquid Sealer Dry
A Black and White Nail Polish of your choice


1. Apply the base coat using LDS Liquid Gel Base and dip it in LDS Clear Powder then create a brown background by combining the LDS Liquid Gel Base and LDS D81 Hot Chocolate. Create a crack effect rather than a plain brown background for an earthier look.

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How Does Your Nail Grow?

For sure you have looked intently at your nails countless times before. You might have noticed how long or short they are. There are times that you are quite aware when they are properly trimmed or if they are kept clean even when they are long or coated with a nail polish. How about the nails on your toes. For sure you are also certain how your nails have grown after just a few days. Or, perhaps, you religiously trim your nails to a length that you are used to so that they won’t tear up your socks or will just fit snuggly inside your shoes.

 Nail Grow

You do a lot of things with your nails, but no matter what you do, whether you cut them or not, allow the nail plates to thicken or let your nail files or buffer do their trick in making your nails look thinner and more appealing, nothing will change what makes up your nails.

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