Alex and Allie.  The Al Pals.  These two people have quickly secured a spot at the top of my favorites list.  The kind of people that look you in the eye when you’re talking, who are charming and kind apart from one another, and then even better together.  They have such a fun banter with each other, but always with a respect and love that’s obvious to someone even meeting them for the first time.

And, OH, their portraits.  They completely shut it down.  I blame the fact that we didn’t do an engagement session together on why there are so many portraits of them, but really, they’re just that easy to photograph.  The kisses, glances, and laughs shared between them are both sexy and fun, making my job the easiest in the world.

And let’s talk about their wedding people.  Easy going but well-planned; a chic location with minimalistic vibes; guests who were smiling and laughing together the whole time.  It doesn’t get better.  Alex + Allie, you two are truly amazing and I’m so lucky to have shared this beautiful day with you.


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